The end of an era

Today we updated Camino’s website to note that the browser is no longer under development and has thus reached the end of its life. We’re encouraging all of our users to switch to Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Of course, anyone observing Camino will note that it’s not a surprising change given we last released an update in March 2012. Our previous attempts to breathe life into the project and switch to Webkit didn’t succeed.

It was back in February 2005 that I first started helping the Camino project, first setting up a domain, then working to get their new website published. Camino got me involved in the Mozilla community, which eventually got me my job at Mozilla.

It’s sad to think this browser that gave me so much is finally being laid to rest. But here we are, more than a decade after it was first created, saying goodbye.

Goodbye old friend, rest in digital peace.

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  1. Just want to say kudos and thanks for your work on what was at the time a cutting-edge browser for the platform, filling a sorely needed void. Sad to see an end to it, but we are lucky to have so many great choices in browsers these days.

  2. I also ended up working at mozilla after helping building Camino.
    Sam can you remove the download link on the left of the announcement on the website ?

  3. I had been using Camino from 2007 on until lately. I especially liked the Processor specific versions of it, that made it the fastest browser on my PowerMac G4 until TenFourFox came. I just want to thank you for your efforts in developing Camino. You made the difference for me, helping to keep my 10.4 Mac on the web and I highly appreciate that work of yours. Good luck with your new projects!

  4. Congratulations to Camino — it definitely helped get things to where they are today.

    It’s hard shutting down a project you’ve been part of for a long time though. I’m going through something similar with shutting down


  5. Thank you to all those that developed Camino over the years. I have used it for years and still use it with TenFourFox on my G4 PowerBooks. Camino has been an awesome browser and has always been fast with a great interface. Much better than the current Firefox. Thank you again and good luck with future projects.

  6. Longtime Camino user (used Chimera, actually), very sad to see it go. Like many other PowerPC users, I used Camino as it was by far the fastest browser on PowerPC for a long time. Now, that title belongs to Leopardwebkit. I still use and love tenfourfox and aurorafox, but for true speed Leopardwebkit is the way to go now.