Three Months to Scale NewsBlur

Great report from Samuel Clay about his challenges in the post-Google Reader world. Since the news hit about Reader shutting down in July, NewsBlur has been hit hard with requests. (Previously.) I was able to handle the 1,500 users who were using the service everyday, but when 50,000 users hit an uncachable and resource intensive backend, […]


Graze is an interesting concept from Nature Delivered Inc. Each week, they send you a box of four different, healthy snacks. You can customize the kinds of snacks you want before they’re shipped to you or after you’ve received them. The more you customize, the more Graze gets to know you. But how much does […]

MP6 – the New WordPress Admin UI

I’m typing this post in what may become the new WordPress admin UI. It’s actually quite nice, though a bit bolder than what most are used to. The boldness and general flatness reminds me of the move toward a “flatter” design across multiple platforms including the Metro UI that Windows has taken on. The new […]