The world’s smallest movie

A Boy and His Atom is a short from IBM that uses atoms to create frames of a movie. They zoom in over 100 million times and take pictures, frame-by-frame to create a film. Impressive work. The behind-the-scenes short film talks a bit about how they did it.

Get Back

With all the technology around us, sometimes we forget that not everything needs to be documented, some things need to be lived. A short film by Eliot Rausch.

Internet Archive

The first part of a documentary from Jonathan Minard about the Internet Archive and their work to archive, well, just about everything, including books (and a look at their physical book warehouse).

Sparkles and Wine

The teaser trailer for Sparkles and Wine (being released on May 8) is just entrancing. Even though I know how the effect is done – a fairly simple effect with lighting – I still can’t take my eyes off of it.

Vice on HBO

I often watch documentaries made by Vice. Turns out, they have a TV show on HBO now. The first episode is available on YouTube and is about the violence in the Philippines and Afghanistan. Pretty incredible reporting.

Obey the Giant

A biographic film based on the true story of Shepard Fairey’s years in the Rhode Island School of Design. Fairey is of course the designer of Obama’s Hope poster and the original Mozilla dino logo, among other things.